A good erotic massage in luxury hotels, and something else!

We present the services of erotic massages in their varied modalities, with the exclusivity that you can select the massage therapist you want, taking into account other characteristics, for example beauty, educated and entertaining conversation, GFE attitude, elegance, languages, etc. Since in addition to receiving a luxury massage, you can choose to be intimate with the masseuse girl, you can also indicate the girl’s wardrobe or any important detail for you. The duration is also determined by you, since it depends on the planning you prefer, and can be from 1 hour to several days. Massages and others are offered in the Hotel where you are staying, in apartments for hours, in your home or in the apartment of the masseuse, in cases where the girl has her own apartment. The time has come to schedule your session of erotic massages for Vips, with 100% of discretion guaranteed, for you alone or with your partner.

Escape the routine! Since centuries ago, the different civilizations with millenary techniques, have considered the massage very beneficial, providing well-being to the body and the mind, the sexual massage predisposes our body to surrender to the pleasant excitement, in addition to relaxing, calms the nervousness, provides well-being , and dissipates the accumulated tensions. We are not talking about a simple massage offered by a masseuse, it is actually something else, since it can interact with the girl with all the senses, during the massage, socially and of course sensually, everything mentioned with the distinction of elegance and class that characterize the masseur girls of high class.

Logically the rates are consistent with the category of girls and services they offer, and other distinctions mentioned below, the interaction with the erotic masseuse is complete, the amount of intimate relationships are not limited. The displacement taxi of the masseuse girl is included in rates, within the city of residence of the girl. At the top you have the menu where you can select the massage therapist by cities, as well as from the contact menu you can see how to make the reservation.

Vip massages include full massages and much more, without worrying about limitations, you decide in which city to receive the massage, when to enjoy the massage, and with which luxury erotic masseuse you want the experience. A la carte massages, if you are traveling for business or pleasure, what better than enjoying yourself or with your partners, erotic massage according to your tastes, we take pleasure wherever you are, in Madrid, Barcelona or any other Another city in Spain, in your Hotel, address, or wherever you prefer, why think more? This is your moment!

Erotic massage for couples

Have you thought about surprising your partner with an original gift? A special erotic massage for couples, with one or two bisexual masseuses, university girls willing to share a pleasant experience, receiving the massage therapist at the Hotel or home where they are, creating an atmosphere of complicity with your partner, enjoying together adding to the sensuality An enriching touch, if you wish, in addition to massage, the girls have a full predisposition to complete one or more complete sensual relationships, most are bisexual, you as a couple decide when and how, even in many cases you can decide on the spot March, when making the reservation you or your partner, decide with which massage therapist you want to live the experience, and any detail that is important to you.

Give your partner a VIP massage and something else!

Very sensual erotic massages

A sensual massage can be a wonderful experience both for the person who performs it and for the person who receives it. Let yourself be surprised or indicating the preferences, the erotic massage will move you to the universe of pleasurable fantasies, with the premise of being with a beautiful girl or better yet, with two, the massages are fully interactive and adaptive to your preferences, without worrying about the amount climax since they are not limited, all immersed in a game of seduction, also establishing a link beyond massage and sexual relations, since they are luxury massage therapists with a GFE attitude, the masseuses do not dress the typical gowns, their dress is Lingerie fine or completely naked. The massage can be offered as preliminary of the intimate relationship or later. We hope to know and please your wishes.

Select your masseuse from more than 70 Premium girls!

Especially erotic shower

One of the most requested fantasies is the shower or jacuzzi bathtub, before the massage tones the skin and predisposes it to sensual caresses, or after intimate contact to immerse yourself in a pleasant and relaxing relax, the shower or erotic bathtub is part of all the modalities of massage, although you decide when and how or simply to be surprised by the Vip masseuse. As you can also attend the Hotel Spa and enjoy together the hot springs, Turkish bath saunas, Finnish saunas, and so on. The most important thing is that you can be accompanied in a Spa by a pretty girl with knowing how to be. When making the reservation you must tell us if you intend to attend the Spa, so that the girl brings the appropriate bathing suit.

Enjoy the moment! Very well accompanied is a luxury VIP.

Tantric sensual massage

The tantric massage is mainly based on being allowed to be done by the masseuse, as receivers for you alone or in conjunction with your partner, the masseuse girl can be naked or with sensual lingerie, as you prefer. Originally Hindu Tantra, has the conviction that if you are sexually happy, it benefits you in everything, although the tantric massages start from the base that reaches the climax without culminating the sexual act, only stimulating the most sensitive areas of man or woman to to culminate, in practice you can combine without problem, it is a matter that you expose your preferences. Currently, massage with the tantra modality is offered in most Spa hotels, but in addition the Desire-Vips massage girls offer something else, with total discretion.

Do you want to enjoy a sublime experience?

Massage and erotic toys

Articles of Sex shop or erotic shop, if there is something that characterizes erotic toys is that they provide more sensual satisfaction, so they are extraordinary to avoid falling into monotony, and allow you to enjoy without taboos. One of the essential items for erotic massages is to use oils that will allow the senses to surface, and enjoy soft skin, a mixture of natural and essential oils to help nourish the skin and at the same time raise the level of predisposition. In all types of massage and intimate relationships you can use sex toys in their various forms, provided by you or the selected girl, we are at your disposal for any questions or suggestions.

Live the full sensuality!

Do you want to massage the model?

An interesting possibility that never fails is to dispense an erotic massage to the masseuse girl, crossing her entire naked body centimeter by centimeter, the pleasure of feeling in her hands a ritual of eroticism and throbbing sensuality, the temperature will rise, and you will perceive the Increased breathing in the girl, accompanied by subtle groans that the woman cannot avoid, while continuing to traverse the gentle curves from head to toe, is the most effective way to seduce and predispose the model girl, to continue with relationships intimate to reach the climax in a very pleasant way and high degree of excitement. Actually it is an excellence to be able to massage a high level lady, where and when you like, always with total discretion.

The seduction of the senses taken to extreme pleasure!