Scary getaways, for adults wanting sensual Happy Halloween

Halloween is a festival of pagan origin, celebrated mainly in the United States and neighboring countries, although more and more people decide to join the Anglo-Saxon party, in Spain there are other typical celebrations for the night of October 31, the day before All Saints, during that night it was believed that the spirits of the deceased walked among the living, and there were parties and sacred rites that included communication with the dead, where witches danced naked … We do not believe in witches, but as a Galician would say to have them, inside the cave of Zugarramurdi, which is where covens were once celebrated, but our witches are those of fairy tales and not those that led to the stake. Inquisition.

In many places in Spain these millenary festivals are celebrated, which today with globalization merge and mix popular cultures and festivals among them Happy Halloween and the eve of All Saints Day, among others it is celebrated in the Magosto mainly in the northwest of Spain, although I also know in other parts of the Spanish geography, such as Cáceres, Zamora, this holiday has its origin in Celtic rituals, the passage to winter and the collection of chestnuts, in celebrations fire-chestnuts are never lacking of a bonfire.

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