Lorena, high class escort in Madrid.

Young university girl available in the Madrid Capital.

Lorena is a high-class student and escort in Madrid, very sociable and communicative, she has the innate gift of seduction, which makes her completely irresistible, an attractive girl, full of energy and optimism, with charm and very open sensuality, she loves Let yourself go with your partner and have new experiences together. She also knows how to be discreet and behaves perfectly in society.

Young university escort in Madrid


  • Name: Lorena
  • City: Madrid
  • Age: 21 year old
  • Measure: 87 – 60 – 95
  • Height: 169 cm.
  • Weight: 53 Kg.
  • Hair colour: Mahogany
  • Eyes colour: Green
  • Occupation: University student.
  • Languages: Spanish, English.

Notes: Authentic photos 100% genuine.


  • Currently not available
High class escort girls and university student

Features physical:

Beautiful girl with green eyes, with a sensual figure and beautiful natural breasts.

High class escorts and university student


Lovely girl friendly attitude, very friendly and cheerful safely emerge a good feeling.

High class escorts with very high sexual predisposition

Hobbies and preferences:

This girl has a fascination for the diversity of activities that life has to offer. In addition to her interests in sports and travel, she also immerses herself in the world of art, finding inspiration and pleasure in creative expressions. Her life is infused with a vibrant energy that seeks new experiences and challenges, leading her to explore a wide range of hobbies and activities that nourish her restless spirit.

In the culinary field, this lover of good food is seduced by the authentic flavors of Italian and Japanese cuisine. The fresh pasta and robust flavors of Italian tradition offer you a comforting culinary experience, while the delicacy and precision of Japanese cuisine transports you to a world of refined and exquisite flavors.

When it comes to toasting, her choices reveal refined taste. White wine, with its fresh and fruity nuances, is her favorite choice to accompany special moments, while champagne adds a touch of elegance and celebration to her most festive gatherings. Each sip is a sensory experience that complements her appreciation for life’s small joys.

The sense of smell also plays a crucial role in her life, and her favorite fragrances reflect a classic and timeless taste. Coco Chanel becomes her olfactory signature, enveloping it with notes that evoke elegance and sophistication. Each application of this fragrance is a subtle yet impactful reminder of her distinctive and refined style.

As for lingerie, this individual chooses to highlight her sensuality and style with garments from the prestigious Victoria’s Secret brand. Choosing this iconic brand not only reflects her attention to quality and comfort, but also her appreciation for the aesthetics and confidence that well-selected lingerie can offer.

High class escorts in Madrid hotels


Monday to Sunday at arranged hours.

High standing escorts in Madrid


She likes to surprise by taking the initiative, very feminine with a GFE attitude. but with a broad sexual predisposition.

High class escort in Madrid

The words of the young high-class escort:

I am Lorena, a young woman residing in the vibrant city of Madrid. My life unfolds between university classrooms and sporadic dates that allow me to explore more exciting and sensual facets as a high-class escort. This balance between academics and social gives me the opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds.

As a college student, always enriching my mind with new ideas and perspectives. University is not only a space for academic learning, but also a fertile ground to cultivate relationships and expand my social horizon. My social predisposition drives me to interact with diverse circles, which gives me a unique perspective on life and the people around me.

In addition to my academic commitment, I have chosen to explore the fascinating world of dating as a high-class escort. This facet of my life allows me to enjoy experiences full of emotion, elegance and complicity. Each meeting is an opportunity to share laughter and create memories that last over time. If you are curious to get to know me in this field, I will be happy to share with you moments full of authenticity and fun, with a very sensual GFE attitude.

In short, my life in Madrid is a balance between the search for knowledge at the university and the exploration of experiences beyond the classroom. If you want to join this journey and discover the unique mix that defines my life, I am open to meeting you and sharing moments with you that promise to be unforgettable. I look forward to the chance to meet you! Kisses.


Predisposition in attitude and services, offered by the escort:

For questions not indicated, do not hesitate to contact us. Clarification, the services offered by the ladies are VIP escort, any intimate implication that arises, has to be agreed by you and the high class escort model in Madrid.

Especially relevant are the congratulations, (Feedbacks)

Next, we inform you of the congratulations and comments of gentlemen, who were kind enough to communicate by email, SMS, WhatsApp or telephone, the pleasant experience shared with the lady high class escort in Madrid, of course we respect a total anonymity with reference to personal data and dates .

Lorena rates:

Duration of the meeting, and rates. Euros
1 hour 300€
1:30 hours 400€
2 hours 500€
3 hours private lunch or dinner 600€
3 hours 700€
4 hours 850€
5 hours 1.000€
Up all night or day 12 hours. 1.200€
Full day 24 hours 1.500€
Weekend or two days 48 hours. 2.300€
Additional day after the third day. 700€

FAQ on rates:

Only in cases where the chosen escort private apartment available for meetings. Agency Desire-Vips, not a club or floor relaxing, so we have no facilities for appointments, we are an agency of high advertisers standing (High Class escorts), escorts ladies luxury Vip in Barcelona, ​​Madrid and other Spanish cities. The usual meeting places are in hotels, serviced apartments for hours, and private homes, rates are’ll fit considering that the meeting place is provided by the gentleman, with the exception of the girls who have particular apartment at no cost.

No. Contributions rates are made in cash directly to the escort, during the first minutes of the appointment. The contribution rates are in EURO, if you want to make a contribution rates in another currency, we must first inform to calculate the change.

No, travel expenses are already included in the rates, for meetings within Madrid and Barcelona, ​​or city of residence of the girl, meetings in outlying areas and in other cities would have to add the cost of the means of transport that was necessary , taxi, train, plane etc. or amount agreed in the case that the escort moved in your private vehicle.

They apply supplement of 100 Euros, in meetings with you and your partner and the escort. They apply supplement of 100 Euros, in the option of anal sex (A-Level). When the escort offer it. Extra supplements are only applied once, regardless of the duration of the appointment. In special services consult supplements.

We await your inquiries and reservations

Contact by phone

For any questions or make an meeting, I hope your call from Monday to Sunday including public holidays, the 08h30 * 8.30AM. until 23h45 * 11.45PM. Although the meeting can be, at any time of the day or night. I am Maria and I am at your disposal.

* I speak Spanish very basic English, if you do not speak Spanish, do not worry, we can arrange fully meeting in any language to communicate by email, or form, or SMS messages, or Whatsapp, we will understand no problem.

  • Spain 659 333 642
  • Intern. 0034 659 333 642
  • * We talk Spanish and English.

Contact email

Receive e-mail or form, from Monday to Sunday including public holidays, in the language you prefer, I invite you to write me exposing any questions, proposals or information you need, gladly I will attend as soon as I can, I’m Maria.

* Or if you prefer to contact using the form below.

  • maria@desire-vips.com

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