Business dinners and high class escorts

As every year on these dates we are at your disposal to organize meetings with luxury escorts before, during and after company dinners, we suggest making reservations in advance to select the companion you want and take care of all the details that for you are important, costumes, fantasies, etc. Relying on Desire-Vips is always a guarantee to make a dream come true with full satisfaction.

Nowadays, for businessmen, politicians and athletes, in general for gentlemen with some relevance, it is very difficult socially, to link to have an adventure with the secretary or co-worker, the media impact applies the double standard and does not forgive. If you are looking for a companion of high standing to avoid these problems, you are in the right place, since the speed in the discretion is our obsession, they are many years offering absolute privacy for both the escort ladies and of course for the gentlemen. In fact, a few years ago it was customary at company dinners to invite several VIP escort models, currently the social circumstances have changed a lot, so, in the present there are many more individual reservations than collective ones. The trend in preferences regarding the profile of the girls, has also changed with the companions GFE “girlfriend experience” being the most demanded.

To avoid infidelity between couples, an interesting alternative is to have meetings with bisexual luxury escorts more or less “non-professional” amateurs, current couples are very liberal in sensuality, and are aware that the ideal is to enjoy an adventure together Occasionally, in Desire Vips agency we are specialists in organizing this type of event, both for short and long appointments, including dinner, massages and more, always the three together, breaking the ice and establishing a bond of good feeling between the three, for consequently a complicity and sexual attraction. We are at your disposal to find the profile of the most appropriate girl taking into account all the details you want to specify.

Excellence is our motivation, à la carte meet with luxury VIP escorts

At company dinners the best is dessert!

Accompanied by high class escorts for yourself or group of work colleagues is a very good option to end a year with a smile of satisfaction, the meetings can be organized with many variants for example staying with the escort before dinner, to accompany them during dinner or later at the time you prefer.

We are talking about young ladies of high cultural and social level, so they are suitable for not attracting attention in restaurants, public places, etc. Discretion and knowing how to be in this type of evening is very important, therefore it is very interesting to have the option of living an unforgettable night with the best VIP escorts.

A sexual adventure during company dinners

Before the Christmas holidays it is tradition to celebrate company dinners, on many occasions we have in mind to consider a sexual adventure with a coworker, in reality temptation has more disadvantages than advantages, for many reasons of the company itself, social etc. It is not worth complicating your life when you have at your disposal a discrete alternative and without compromises afterwards.

We suggest making reservations as soon as possible, with luxury escorts from Barcelona, with the great diversity of high-class escorts from Madrid, as well as escorts in Zaragoza and other Spanish towns.

Information, to organize an appointment, at any company celebration or dinner:

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