Carnival 2023 with high class GFE escorts, a luxury come true

These days carnivals are celebrated, in most Spanish cities, where we can dress up as we please and create a fantasy even if only for carnival, so it seems that sensuality flourishes during these days where we can give free rein to our desires more unmentionable, and to make real experiences with the best luxury companions in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​and in other Spanish cities, where carnivals generate an especially sensual atmosphere.

As well as trips to places with renowned carnivals, choose from Barcelona escorts, in Madrid escorts and other cities such as Zaragoza, Valencia, Girona, Marbella, Alicante, Malaga, Seville, Bilbao, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and any population where escorts from Luxury can be moved, to enjoy in good company an evening perhaps disguised or not, the really important thing is sensuality with class and glamor, a sophisticated fine and sensual lingerie is the best costume to never want to wake up from the most real dream.

Carnival allows us to free ourselves in a mixture of sensuality and mystery, perhaps the most famous and glamorous is the Carnival of Venice, especially relevant since it has a lot of history, from 1296 to 1706, where the nobility as an excuse disguised itself to go out to mingling with the people in many ways, although primarily sexual, so the masks allowed them to remain anonymous.

It was in the 18th century when the Venetian carnival reached its maximum splendor, where travelers and aristocrats from all over Europe came, in search of much unbridled and pleasant fun.

The Carnival of Venice was founded by Christopher Tolive who was the secretary of the Doge of Venice, he thought that something was necessary so that the nobility could go out to relate to the common population, those were the principles of this carnival, where the nobility had adventures with citizens and from this came the half “pure” half “impure” children as they called it at that time.

One of the most peculiar and famous characters in history was the well-known Casanova who lost his virginity in a ménage à trois with two young women of the Venetian nobility, began a life full of sexual adventures especially taking advantage of carnivals, he was also a soldier, spy , diplomat, writer, a whole character.

The Carnival of Venice is unique in the world, although very different from another very famous Carnival that is that of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, in Spain there are also very interesting Carnivals such as the Carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Carnival of Cádiz, and Sitges Carnival among others.

GFE escorts with glamor, excellence is our motivation.

Live the Carnival with unbridled passion! Booking a companion of high standing is the best option.

As every year on these dates, at Desire-Vips we offer you the possibility of both 1-hour appointments at your Hotel, as more extensive meeting, dinners, parties, trips etc. With escorts luxury escorts adapting to the plannig you want, with disguise or without it, the question is to enjoy fantasies especially for carnival, we look forward to your proposal ..!

In the section Barcelona escorts and Madrid escorts as well as in other cities, it has ample exposure of GFE escorts with diversity of physicists, character etc. All of them selected to correspond in profiles of education, elegance and know how to be guaranteed, we recommend making reservations in advance to ensure the availability of the escort model selected by you. We await your reservation.


Escorts swingers services for couples

In recent years, formal couples, have a great interest in intimate with bisexual GFE escorts, it seems that it has its logic since we are talking about non-professional girls, with a normal presence and attitude, which makes it easier for couples to live a unique experience together, with total complicity and full sensuality.

If your partner and you want to put a spark of morbid and fantasy, with glamor in carnivals is the ideal occasion, most bisexual escorts, would be happy to accompany you on your unforgettable adventure, we can organize the meeting in the way you prefer, giving away a massage to your partner and whatever arises, intimate relationships between them and you, a threesome, etc. Intimate complicity with your partner is the fundamental thing, therefore they now have the chance.

In short, in Carnival reality surpasses fiction.

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