Black Friday escorts in Spain

In its beginnings in the United States, specifically originated in Philadelphia about 1961, to name the intense movement of vehicles and people crowding the streets of the city, it occurs the day after Thanksgiving, on the date of the fourth Thursday of November , people began to name this phenomenon as Black Friday, which later spread throughout the United States. Black Friday is the day that the Christmas shopping season begins with large sales and discounts in shops and shopping centers, to encourage consumption for a few days in particular, in recent years online sales have increased greatly online, expanding the offers of purchases and services to all consumer sectors.

For a few years in Europe and specifically in Spain, Black Friday has been sponsored as the party of consumerism, even extending to Saturday, Sunday, and more days, where many shops have open until late at night, in Madrid and Barcelona as Similarly, in the rest of Spanish cities, Internet sales also collapse networks, it is a new phenomenon of commercial success. In addition to Internet shops, it has expanded to all types of consumption, services, hotel and travel reservations, and why not, luxury companions, all in a pack to take advantage of Black Friday days in Spain.

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Black Friday days at Desire Vips

The escort girls offer great flexibility, in terms of the lengths of meeting. VIP high standing escorts have no room to make discounts, since the rates are very tight throughout the year, but if during the Black Friday days, most of the accompanying models want to give away more time, applying the same rates.

We know that “time is money” therefore, we hope you make your proposal as early as possible, which we will consult with the lady escort you select, to apply more time to the appointment without cost, depending on your proposal, You can offer more or less extra time at no cost to you,but everything is conditioned to the selected lady, when you make the reservation you have to indicate your interest and we will consult with the girl of your choice.